Nearly every weekday I walk two miles down Oakland's Telegraph Avenue. This project is a document of those walks—an ongoing photographic romance with an (unconventionally) beautiful stretch of the city. 

I look for moments of humor, irony, and humanity along what is often dismissed as an ugly strip of pavement. I also try to show how the same places change over time, when I can.

My walk begins at Telegraph & 41st (where I live), and ends at Broadway & 13th (where I work). So, technically, it's really only about 1.8 miles down Telegraph before Telegraph runs into Broadway at the Cathedral Building. I don't exclude the small piece of Broadway that I encounter from my documentation efforts; I also occasionally photograph other things I encounter not directly on Telegraph but near it. Basically, if I see it on my walk, it could end up here.


Sam Greenspan

When I finish my walk, I get to work at my job as a producer with the radio show 99% Invisible

You can find me on both Twitter and Instagram as @samlistens. You can also follow along with this project on Tumblr. My [perennially outdated] website is samgreenspan.net. You can reach me at samgreenspan at gmail dot com.

Or just look for the guy always taking pictures along Telegraph Avenue between 8:45-9:15am most weekdays.